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X Pays Big to Empower Creators, CEO Claims

x paying creators, monetize your X
X is paying creators

Exciting news: X (formerly Twitter) just dropped a bombshell. CEO Linda Yaccarino spilled the beans - they've paid out nearly $20 million to creators since July!

X's creator payment program lets creators earn a cut from ad revenue in replies to their posts. To qualify, you need over 500 followers, 5 million tweet impressions in 3 months, and an X Premium subscription (formerly Twitter Blue).

This program is on fire! Elon Musk said that they paid around $5 million initially, and now they're up to $20 million. That is explosive growth!

Finally, X is stepping up to the plate. Creators deserve monetization like YouTube stars. The new payment program is a game-changer, attracting more creators and putting money in their pockets.

Creators, this is your time to shine. Turn your tweets into money-making machines with X. It's a new era, so let's make that content bankable!

Are you going to start monetizing your X account?

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