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Tip - Don't do This if You Want to Grow Online!

Many people make the mistake of taking shortcuts to try and grow their following quickly.

In today's digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for success in many fields. Whether you're a small business owner, a blogger, or an influencer, growing your online following is essential for reaching new audiences and expanding your reach. However, many people make the mistake of taking shortcuts to try and grow their following quickly. One of the most common of these shortcuts is buying fake followers.

When you buy followers, you're not buying real engagement. These fake followers will not engage with your content, which means your engagement rate will suffer. Engagement rate is an important metric that indicates how much your followers are interacting with your content. When your engagement rate drops, it signals to social media algorithms that your content is not interesting or engaging. This can cause your posts to be deprioritized in people's feeds, meaning that even your real followers are less likely to see your content.

Another negative consequence of buying fake followers is that it can harm your chances of working with brands and businesses in the future. Many companies use engagement rate as a metric to determine whether or not to work with an influencer or a brand. If your engagement rate is low, it signals to businesses that your following is not engaged, and therefore, not valuable. This can make it difficult for you to secure brand deals or partnerships.

If you want to grow organically then it's time to hire a social media team!

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