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The TikTok Ban has been Blocked

That's right, the TikTok Ban has been blocked by Senator Rand Paul.

Remember that there are 150 million Americans on TikTok, there are also almost 7,000 TikTok employees in the US, nearly 5 million businesses, including countless small businesses.

In his opposition of the ban, Paul has said that he believes a ban would be a violation of First Amendment rights, adding that it wouldn't necessarily protect the users' information because U.S.-based tech companies have failed to secure data before.

Rand continued “This legislation not only violates the First Amendment of those who own TikTok, many of whom are actually Americans, not Chinese, but it also violates the First Amendment rights of the millions of young Americans who use this social media app," he said. “Every accusation of data gathering that’s been attributed to TikTok could also be attributed to domestic big tech companies,” he added.

Rand Paul is now trending on TikTok with tons of praise, new fans and shocked videos. TikTok is safe for now, thanks to our First Amendment rights.

What do you think? Are you happy the TikTok ban was blocked?

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