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Spring Clean your Website with a Content Audit and Refresh

Just like your home, your website deserves a good spring cleaning every now and then. Outdated content can reflect poorly on your brand and confuse visitors. Here's a quick guide to refresh your website content:

1. Fix the Broken Links:

A user clicks a link, eager to learn more... only to end up in a dead zone.  Broken links not only frustrate visitors but also hurt your SEO.  Use a free broken link checker to find and fix them or check them yourself, page by page.

2. Content Audit: Friend or Foe?

Identify your content's strengths and weaknesses. Is it informative? Engaging?  Analytics tools can show you which pages have low traffic or high bounce rates. This content might need an update or even deletion.

3. Update, Revamp, Repurpose!

Is your information current? Industry trends and best practices change, so make sure your content reflects that. Breathe new life into older posts by adding fresh data, examples, or visuals.

4.  Mobile Matters!

These days, most users browse websites on their phones.  Ensure your website and content render well on all devices. This means you might need to add in high-quality images.

5.  Spring Cleaning Spruce-Up!

Don't underestimate the power of clear, concise writing. Proofread for typos and grammatical errors.  Liven things up with strong headlines and visuals that complement your content.

By following these simple steps, you can give your website content a spring cleaning that will improve user experience and keep your brand shining bright!

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