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The key to lead generation magnets.

A photo of a psychic cat generated by Canva's AI
Don't rely on psychic cats to save the day.

I once had a client, we’ll say they had a dog grooming business for the sake of anonymity. This client hired us to create lead magnets for their business, to grow their email list. We spent hours designing several different magnets to be used throughout the month, all themed to fit an audience who were dog owners and who might be in need of dog grooming in the future. The lead magnets were centered around topics like, “How to tell what type of shampoo to use on your dog” and “Treat Recipes for your Dog”.

About one week into our strategy we were collecting emails with the lead magnets when the client called a meeting to say that they wanted to start talking about cats! Cats? All of our magnets focused on dog-owners, not cat-owners, so we would have to go back to the drawing board and start all over creating new lead magnets, which we did. We created lots of fun quizzes about cat behavior and curated cat videos. We spent a good deal of the client’s budget switching gears, all with their approval. This time they were sure, it’s all about the cats.

You’ll never guess what happened next! My client called a meeting and said they wanted to start talking about PSYCHIC cats! “Sure thing,” we said, “but you have to understand that we aren’t going to hit our newsletter opt-in goals due to the constant switching of audiences, which means you’ll be wasting your entire budget, just with revisions.”

That really was the start of the end of that client-relationship but we always see these things as “lessons in business” with the key to this Clickbait Chronicle being “Know Your Audience” before you invest in creating all of the assets you need to launch a lead magnet campaign.

Before investing in lead magnet creation, take the time to truly understand your target audience. Who are you trying to attract? What are their needs and pain points? Once you have a clear picture, you can develop magnets that resonate with them, leading to a successful and targeted campaign.

Remember, in the world of lead generation, it's all about attracting the right kind of attention, not just any kind. So, ditch the constant pivoting and focus on your strongest attributes as your foundation.

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