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LinkedIn Introduces Verification

You will soon be seeing verified profiles, businesses and posts on your Linkedin feed.

You will soon be seeing verified profiles, businesses and posts on your Linkedin feed. job search job opening job post job posting

After LinkedIn successfully launched their verification features last month, they are now extending them to job postings. This means you'll see verifications showcasing authenticated information about the job poster or their company. In this time of massive layoffs and with job searches taking longer than ever, this verification process should make the job search easier and safer.

If you are starting to search for a new job, it's important you can do so confidently knowing that connecting on LinkedIn is safe, secure, and simple.

When you spot those brand new verification badges on job posts, it's a sign that the information has been verified as authentic by the job poster themselves, LinkedIn, or one of its trusted partners. You'll be able to find out if the poster is affiliated with an official company page, has verified their work email or workplace, or even if their government ID has been verified through CLEAR, a super secure identity platform.

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn believes that verification should be accessible to all. That's why their verification features are available for free. No paid subscriptions or fancy blue checkmarks required. Instead of bundling verification with extra features, they're keeping the focus on confirming users' identities. Aiming to provide an extra layer of protection against fake or scam accounts, making your LinkedIn experience more secure, safe and reliable.

Get ready to spot those verification badges on job posts and feel confident as you navigate the professional world on LinkedIn.

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