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LinkedIn Announces Collaborative Articles

Currently in Beta, LinkedIn's Collaborative Articles are a new type of article, published by LinkedIn, with insights added by a special LinkedIn community.

These articles begin as AI-powered conversation starters, developed with LinkedIn's editorial team, but they aren't complete without perspectives from other pre-approved (and invited) experts.

Some of our clients have been invited to share their ideas, examples, and personal experiences directly into sections of the articles, so more members can see and learn from their expertise.

To support this new program, LinkedIn also announced the addition of a gold "Community Top Voices" badge. Many already know about the blue LinkedIn Top Voice badge, which is invitation only, featuring senior-level experts and leaders.

The light gold Community Top Voices badge can be earned based on making insightful contributions to collaborative articles on LinkedIn, and is earned for a specific skill on your profile.

It's a great way for our clients to be seen by more people, and a great example of why you should consider LinkedIn Articles as an alternative blogging platform.

Our clients wouldn't have been invited if they hadn't been sharing articles on the LinkedIn platform and growing their community there.

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