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Half of the Population is on TikTok in the US

That's right, 150 million Americans are on TikTok. Are you one of them?

Not only are there 150 million Americans on TikTok, there are also almost 7,000 TikTok employees in the US, nearly 5 million businesses, including countless small businesses. If you don't know why so many people are on TikTok, it is because the organic reach is amazing, you can't reach the same number of new people on other apps as quickly. So many businesses and creators have gone viral and changed their lives very fast.

Over the last two years, TikTok invested $1.5 billion in setting up their own US Data Security and they have been building a comprehensive framework to isolate protected US user data.

Shou Chew, TikTok's CEO, has faced congress recently as some politicians have raised concerns about the potential banning of the platform, which would directly affect all 150 million Americans who have embraced TikTok.

What do you think? Should TikTok get banned or is it a great app?

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