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Canadians to be left without News on Social Media due to legislative standoff.

Meta and Google are both making moves to block news from being seen by Canadians using their networks, they say due to new legislation threatening to make these networks pay every time someone sees a news article.

This news (as reported by Reuters) seems to boggle the mind given how social media has gained it's large audiences primarily due to how easy it was to stay connected to loved ones AND share news with them that was relevant to their lives.

News agencies are continuing to seek ways to make money with the slow, agonizing death of print news media, including adding paywalls to their content. The paywalls seem to be backfiring on these agencies because people don't want to share articles that their friends can't read.

Enter "Plan B", the "Online News Act," or House of Commons Bill C-18, which proposes to charge Meta and Google for every impression their news articles receive on the social media network.

I don't think this is going to end well for the legislators who thought up that big idea.

Do you live in Canada? What do you think about this legislation?

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