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This week is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, 2023

Content creators and marketers should be aware and supportive of this important event.

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This week on our live broadcast, we announced that TikTok was pushing an awareness campaign for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, using the #ItsTimeForChange to track content being created in support of this important topic.

TikTok's support of this topic overall is another example of how inclusive they are trying to be in light of body-shaming which can happen on social media platforms like theirs. They are inviting their community to share their healing journey.

As a matter of fact, not long ago, Instagram was under fire for being a harmful environment for young women who were constantly being tormented by perfect bodies.

If you are creating content for the market place, now more than ever is a great time to get real and use real-life, untouched people in your content.

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