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New lawsuit could have lasting implications for fair-use laws.

A popular musician, Anthony Fantano, noticed that his voice was being used for commercial TikTok videos and apparently asked one of them to compensate him for the use of his sound.

This action set off a flurry of law suits being filed both by the company who used his sound in their now-viral TikTok video and by Anthony Fantano who said he didn't know his sound could be used for commercial videos.

TikTok seems to be stuck in the middle because their company guidelines state that if you add your video to their platform and allow it to be stitched, duet, or templated, the music can then be put into the library for both creators and business accounts to use.

There's a lot of speculation that if the courts rule that this company had the rights to use the voice based on the current TikTok usage agreement, that creators will stop using the platform, which could cause a rippling effect across all platforms who operate similarly, including Instagram.

The option to even upload your personal music to the platform was supposed to yield a financial return based on some understandings that users have expressed.

Various news sources have reported on this including Reuters, Rolling Stone and Billboard, to name a few.

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