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How to take advantage of the new algorithm changes on X (formerly known as Twitter)

If you are the type of person who sees the glass as half full vs half empty then you will be very interested in how to take advantage of the new algorithm changes on X (formerly known as Twitter).

A clear glass with the old Twitter logo and the new X logo and the title, "how to take advantage o the new algorithm changes on X (formerly known as Twitter).
How to take advantage o the new algorithm changes on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Many of us agree that the changes being made on X (formerly known as Twitter) is eye-rolling good fun, right? But what if there was a secret opportunity that your brand could take advantage of in this turbulent time which could position you for positive growth?

One Twitter expert had some advice that we felt was worth sharing because when we tried them for our clients, we saw an increase in reach. That doesn't stop the overall hemorrhaging of the platform, however, but it should help with your existing following.

One of the biggest changes that we noticed was that the algorithm will value a reply to someone's tweet more than if you re-tweet with a comment. We recommend doing both, reply to the original tweet, and then re-tweet with your comments added to it (also known as a "quote retweet").

In addition to leaving a reply, make sure that it's a thought-provoking response which will get the original author to reply back to. This will boost your visibility even more.

The next biggest thing we noticed is that there was a change in the algorithm for video views which indicates that X wants you to use more video on this platform. While video wasn't as big of a driver for most Twitter users in the past, the new X wants in on the video views game and will start prioritizing the impressions on videos that you upload directly to the platform.

Next up is the big push for the subscription program. Twitter already had the subscriber feature turned on for creators who wanted to create a custom content stream just for this purpose.

It requires a separate stream of content to go to subscribers in order to be successful.

X plans to capitalize on this by increasing the visibility of creators on the platform who have this option turned on and who are creating custom content streams to subscribers.

Another way to boost your impressions is to create posts using the trending topics, hashtags or news. Every time you log in to "X", the right-hand side of your screen is usually dedicated to trending news. If you are using the mobile app, those trending topics will be located by tapping the magnifying glass icon and then choosing the option for "Trending" located in the top menu.

Most of these are geared toward your location (if you have location services turned on for the mobile app), and include a variety of topics including sports, entertainment and news. By choosing to make a post about any of these trending topics, you will get a boost by the algorithm.

This next recommendation could be useful or maybe not but apparently a change in the algorithm for content to remain in the main newsfeed is changing so that if you create content that will keep people from scrolling by (also known as "engaging content"), it will remain in the public newsfeed longer than if you create a short meme and text that will be scrolled. And based on the other algorithm changes, the recommendation is to make more video content and content that takes awhile to read (long-form content or perhaps a threaded tweet).

We have personally seen some success with threaded tweets over the long-form content in the past, but if the algorithm is only looking at posts, that would mean it only sees however many posts you made with a threaded tweet and each one is being weighed individually.

Time will tell, but if you do a threaded tweet, we recommend you make each tweet just as engaging as the original and not try to make them short (scrollable) posts.

Finally, and I've been saying this long before Twitter became X, which is to not post about other platforms (or even share links from other platforms) to the Twitter/X platform. The reach will be choked out of existence and you won't get much traction.

As a matter for fact, one concern we have as an agency when using threaded tweets is whether the emojis, 🧵🪡, and word "thread" will be choked out based on the fact that it is now the name of a competitor platform, "Threads".

For this reason, we recommend that you hold off on using "thread" or the emojis, 🧵🪡, when making your post on "X".

As with any social media strategy, each person or brand is different in how they should best utilize this platform and our team has worked with a lot of personal brands as well as corporate brands. Schedule a 30 minute consultation to find out how we can help!

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