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How to put links in your TikTok videos 2022

You heard us correctly! This is a TikTok Hack you don't want to miss!

We posted this video on TikTok late last night and already it's gaining in popularity. We don't have a lot of followers, but this experiment is too hard to resist.

CAN we put links in our TikTok videos?

Based on the comments we're seeing, the answer is YES! Much to the delight of TikTok marketers everywhere!

All you have to do is make a QR code for the link you want to use and add it to your video.

Since this is such a new concept (dare we say, GROUND-BREAKING??), you might need to explain to your viewers HOW to use the QR code.

For most smart-phone users, all they have to do is take a screenshot of the QR code, open it up in their camera roll, press and hold to see if it activates the phones QR reader.

Let us know if this trick works for you! Make a video on TikTok, tag us @wholisticmedia and use #TikTokQRhack !!

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