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How marketers can use AI right now.

With so many apps flooding the market using AI technologies and doing everything from digital media creation to answering customer service requests, it's easy to get confused about where to start first.

For example, many of our clients have asked us how to create the amazing videos floating around on social media these days that have been "created" by AI, but the truth of the matter is that those videos, right now, are taking hours of time to create because there are so many tools out there right now that are doing different things and not one tool can yet encompass them all.

Our creative team will try some of these out and give our readers a run-down, but suffice it to say that to have AI completely create your videos for you requires a chat tool to come up with the script, another chat tool to create the shot list, then a digital media creator tool to come up with the images and yet another voice generating tool to create the voiceover and still another tool to edit everything all together.

One 30 second video could still take 8-10 hours to create. Yikes!

Now, we have found value in each of the creation tools mentioned to help us with various steps in our social media management.

For example, the chat tools can help us to come up with topics for social media content and blog posts based on current trends and hashtags.

That takes a lot of research time off of our hands. It can also help us to compose social media posts (drafts so that we can put our own voice on them) and will even write whole blog posts (this one was definitely written by a human, probably too late at night, we might add).

The chat tools could be Chat GPT or Google Bard or you can invest in a 3rd part app such as

We're also looking forward to using AI chat bots to help with managing our client's social media community.

The one that is being set up for Instagram, for example, would allow a user to ask a specific question of our client and the bot will generate an answer based on the pre-built library of information that we will provide from written works.

Speaking of written works, it is important to remember that copyright ownership is important to us not only for our client's protected works but also in the works we are creating.

This means we are doing a lot of research on where the data comes from on the various tools that we use.

It's also important that you realize that any tool or app that you use will be capturing your usage data to train their AI. That's why it's getting smarter so fast, because millions of people are using it daily on various platforms.

Finally, you can always wait to see how AI will be integrated into the apps that you already use. For example, our creative apps such as Canva and Adobe products are already using the image generating AI to help shorten the creation time for our projects. Eventually we'll see it integrated into our email and website management processes and we're hearing that it will be able to help with finance processes as well.

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