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Comfortable Offices with the Comfort of Home are the Future

Would you feel more comfortable in the office if it came with all of the perks from home? That's what this global company is banking on.

Marriott’s international HQ, is now serving as a trending inspiration and more offices are thinking of having their builders create spa and hotel like offices with the comforts of home.

Marriott opened a new 785,000-square-foot headquarters in downtown Bethesda late last year that was designed to compete—and win—against working remote-from-home.

The first floor of this giant HQ has a public plaza and coffee shop, the second floor has a dining hall with outdoor seating, and the third has a gym and childcare center. A doggy daycare and a spa are just blocks from the building. You can eat, exercise, shower, and meet with your manager all in a space that feels more like a hotel rather than an office.

What do you think? Would that entice you back to office?

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