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Celebrating World Book Day

Billions of people on TikTok are on BookTok.

Celebrating World Book Day. Billions of people on TikTok are on BookTok.

BookTok is a corner of TikTok where book lovers come together to share their love of reading. With over 126 billion views and 19 million posts, it's become a vibrant community where readers, authors, storytellers, educators, and libraries come together to celebrate the written word.

Whether it's libraries joining in on the latest TikTok trend to emulate the childlike wonder of walking through your local library or gushing over your "book boyfriend," BookTok has brought people all over the world together to feel connected and ignite their love for reading.

Another great thing about BookTok is the inspiration it provides. Seeing other people's passion for reading can be a great motivator to pick up a book yourself. And if you're an aspiring author, seeing others share their stories and writing tips can be a huge source of encouragement.

Do you like reading? Are you going to join #booktok ?

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