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Sign up to receive access to our Free 365-Day Social Media Holiday Posting Calendar and receive weekly announcements when a new video is published along with free weekly content for your social networks!

There are two levels to choose from. The free tutorials are done each week, but by signing up you will also receive a weekly discount in the store enough to cover one graphics package of your choice.
If you wish to take your knowledge to a deeper level, then you might consider committing to the Bootcamp and you'll receive additional tutorials that are only available to subscribers. These videos show you step by step how to achieve the goals discussed in the free videos.
The chart below gives you an idea of how it works:
bootcamp checklist

Upgrade to our social network bootcamp for $___ a month and get unlimited access to in-depth tutorials, free graphics and videos for your social networks and other free giveaways. Cancel any time.

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