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TikTok Ditching the Friends tab

People on TikTok want to connect with new people not friends and family.

TikTok grew in popularity by connecting users with their similar interests, not their real-life friends and family. In fact, many people today deny the TikTok’s request to connect their phone and social contacts because TikTok is a place where they don’t want to interact with people they know.

The company confirmed it’s running a test that swaps out its Friends tab — which is also where TikTok Now is found — with a new experience that’s more like the Instagram Explore page.

The change, if rolled out more broadly, could signal the company’s acceptance of the role TikTok plays in the social app ecosystem — one that’s about new content discovery and not about keeping up with friends and family.

What do you think? Do you use TikTok for keeping up with friends and family?

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