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Meta drops the price on Oculus Goggles

For some, the price drop helps but for many the virtual reality devices are still out of reach.

After the news was released about Meta's continued dropping valuation and loss in Reality Labs VR content creation it's no surprise that something drastic will have to be done to keep this VR dream afloat.

The Oculus Pro originally released at a whopping $1,499, which was outlandish compared to other VR sets, and was meant to be a pro-creator tool. Unfortunately there just aren't enough creators out there and even worse, there aren't enough businesses paying them to create in 3D and Virtual Reality. The new price will now be $999.

The Oculus Quest 2 is also dropping in price, although it's still high-end compared to other gaming systems out there. Many Oculus Quest 2 deals are bundling games like Beat Sabre, to make it a better deal. We agree the Quest 2 (and even at the lower storage) is more than enough to get you started in VR and a great investment.

But word on the street is that Quest 3 will be coming out this fall and if it's the same price as Quest 2's original price, we'll be recommending people wait to see what the reviews are for this next version.


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