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Amazon has entered the AI arena

Amazon is entering the generative AI game with a twist.

Amazon has entered the AI arena  Amazon is entering the AI game with a twist.

Amazon is trying to take over a different piece of generative AI. Rather than building AI models entirely by itself, Amazon is recruiting third parties to host models on AWS.

AWS has announced Amazon Bedrock. Bedrock provides a way to build generative AI-powered apps via pre-trained models from startups including AI21 Labs, Anthropic and Stability AI. Available in a “limited preview,” Bedrock also offers access to Titan FMs (foundation models), a family of models trained in-house by AWS.

With Bedrock, AWS customers can opt to tap into AI models from a variety of different providers, including AWS, via an API. Amazon hasn’t announced formal pricing but they emphasized that Bedrock is aimed at large customers building “enterprise-scale”

What do you think? Would your company use Bedrock?

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