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5 Lead Generation Strategies for Influencers

 Q2 is a busy time in influencer marketing because it’s almost summer! So, if you haven’t done any outreach yet and you’re waiting for the DMs and emails to come to you, it’s time to be brave and do some outreach. Think of a theme before you reach out to brands, for example, it’s spring, what does that mean to you? Flowers, outdoors, preparing for summer travel, cleaning, you decide and create a pitch around that.

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Lead generation strategies for influencers and micro influencer

Here are 5 ways you can maximize your lead generation strategy:

1.Whether you’re micro or a big influencer, reach out to brands offering your services. When they respond, send over your portfolio and negotiate from there. You can even hire someone to do the outreach for you.

2. Host a spring themed in person dinner, retreat, workout or vacation with your followers. This is a great opportunity to partner with brands on venue, food, drinks, experience, and gifting. Contact local brands that correlate with your theme and explain the benefits of partnering with you. Yes, even micro influencers can do this! You can also partner with other influencers and if you have a big enough following, plan a retreat or a trip where you’re the host. 

3. Partner with spring themed brands such as cleaning brands for spring cleaning, even outdoor brands, backyard brands, hiking, clothing, the list goes on and on. Use your imagination or take notes from other influencers. You can niche down in this area too for example Imagine creating a "Spring Cleaning with Sustainable Products" series highlighting eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

4. Create a digital or print on demand product that you can offer your followers. Do you make recipes? Sell an e-book or print on demand book, do you do cleaning? Sell a cleaning checklist or print on demand cleaning checklist board, Are you a hairstylist? Sell a book or course about doing your hair. The possibilities are endless.

5. Do you post a lot of blogs? Do you have some information you can gate keep? It’s time to monetize it by creating a newsletter with a subscription option. There is also a monetization option on instagram you can use to offer more content at a fee or look into patreon and only fans for selling your exclusive content and no, it doesn't have to be “spicy” content. You can monetize the same content you already publish. For example, if you do live workouts, sell extra ones on one of these monetized platforms. 

If you do it right, social media marketing can be a powerful tool for growing your business.

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