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Angie Lile

President & Founder

Angie has been using social media sites since she quit working at a local video production company and started LileStyle Productions, in 2005.

Starting off with MySpace, Angie quickly saw how powerful creating online relationships could be.

Suddenly the entire world was opening up to her and ideas began to flourish. Facebook soon became the most used social media network and Angie found herself deep in the middle of learning the ins and outs.

She wanted to infuse her video production skills into this emerging market and began selling herself as an all-in-one social media video producer.

After producing several videos for various clients and using social media to promote them, Angie began investing in social media seminars. She traveled from her family on several occasions to learn from great notable social media gurus like Guy Kowasaki and Seth Godin. It was fun learning how Southwest Airlines came up with promotions and how Zappos would surprise facebook fans with free pizzas.

Each time she attended a seminar, she would come back and fine tune her social media strategies and over time she grew her client list to include several high-profile clients as well as several local clients. In every case she threw all of her knowledge into her clients to make the best of all of their networks.

Working with several clients from several walks of life has lead Angie to learn how different strategies may work great for some, but not for others. She has also learned how to use Facebook Ads and has been responsible for some very high-dollar ad campaign budgets.


Angie continues to expand her knowledge base, testing theories, blogging about her results, making how-to-videos and even provides her clients with high-detail video reports on a regular basis.

It will be fun to see what Angie is working on 10 years from now!

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